C oalition for I nfrastructure Dev.& C apacity Building in A frican N ations
C oalition forI nfrastructure Dev.&C apacity Building in A fricanN ations 

G.E.M. Tour - 2016

Good Morning and CONGRATULATIONS Everyone!!!

I trust that everyone is back safe and sound at home and/or your place of business. Let me be the first to Congratulate all of you for making your trek back through the "Door Of No Return". You have now come full circle from that ugly part of our history called SLAVERY...

My further hope is that the many opportunities that you were exposed to will begin to fuel your entrepreneurial thoughts for BUSINESS CONNECTIVITY in Ghana, West Africa. This was the major goal of our trip.


The items covered on this trip were:


1. Business Connectivity and Capacity Building through facilitation of the expansion of the NBCA construction apprenticeship program into Ghana.


2. Business opportunities found in the Hotel and Resort industry when incorporating the "Time Share" methodology.


3. Business Opportunities found in Ghana's Diamond Industry.


4. Business Opportunities found in Ghana's Gold Industry.

5. Costs and Procedures for foreigners to legally do business in Ghana's Precious Minerals Industry.

6. Business Opportunities available in "Cash Crop" processing.

- Opportunities available in Cashew cultivation and processing.

- Opportunities available in Cocoa cultivation and processing.

- Opportunities available in "Nim" Tree cultivation and processing.

7. Method and Procedure for Land Acquisitions in Ghana.


*** And the many, many other small scale business opportunities and ideas that came up as we matriculated through the country.


I hope this trip has increased your knowledge and wet your appetite to do business in Ghana (Africa). Even if you were unable to see "opportunities" on this trip, I guarantee that as you share your G.E.M. tour experiences and new knowledge with others, you will begin to excite and motivate them!!!


On our end - we will continue to be a conduit to answer any questions you may have, and share our expertise and experience on any ideas you may decide to pursue...


Thanks Again for your participation!!!



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