C oalition for I nfrastructure Dev.& C apacity Building in A frican N ations
C oalition forI nfrastructure Dev.&C apacity Building in A fricanN ations 

Ghana Emerging Markets Tour 2019 (G.E.M.)

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Thinkers… As you know, the world is getting smaller every day.  In more and more cases, the key to business development and financial growth involves expanding into international markets.  Markets found in countries that offer affordable labor, abundant natural resources, government stability, and an easy methodology for doing business, whether in manufacturing or exporting of processed goods.


We have found all of these attributes plus a FAVORABLE CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE in Ghana, West Africa. Ghana’s exchange rate opens the door to business opportunities for U.S. businesses of all sizes.  


To participate in this opportunity, we are once again sponsoring the Ghana Emerging Markets (G.E.M.) Tour. Exposure to Ghana’s emerging markets is the primary purpose of our tour.  Our tour provides connectivity and hands-on interactions with Ghana’s Businesses and Natural Resource purveyors. These business people are as anxious to have international connectivity with foreign businesses as are we.  We will visit grass-root villages full of opportunities unique to your business but perhaps outside of your traditional scope.  Our tour will expose you to business opportunities in areas of:


  • Land Development & Construction
  • Government Sponsored Projects
  • Land Acquisition (Commercial & Residential)
  • Precious Mineral Markets
  • Education and Apprenticeships
  • Agricultural Business
  • Textile Opportunities (African Clothing, Wood Carving, and other products)


This is your opportunity to see first-hand; 



ITINERARY (preliminary):
Leave U.S. ------------------------------------------------------------- Aug. 16th

Arrive – Accra --------------------------------------------------------  Aug. 17th
Arrive 7:55 pm
Travel to Hotel 
Day 1- Prampram ----------------------------------------------------- Aug. 18th
- Reception and Orientation / Brunch
- Beach Land Development Meeting/ Land Acquisition Opportunities Tour
- Flight to Bolgatanga


Day 2 – Bolgatanga---------------------------------------------------- Aug. 19th
- Meet With Textile Industry
- Other Activities TBD
- Travel to Tamale
Day 3 – Brong-Ahafo Region ----------------------------------------- Aug. 20th  

- Meet w/ Agric. Resource Purveyors (Cocoa, Cashew, etc.)

- Meet with precious mineral land sellers
- Other Activities TBD
Day 4 – Ashanti Region ---------------------------------------------- Aug. 21st 
- Visit Asente King/ Museum
- Visit Gold Villages
- Visit Agricultural Business Opportunity/ Cashew Processing
Day 5 – Eastern Region ---------------------------------------------- Aug. 22nd 
- Visit Diamond Villages
- Visit C.R.I.G./ Tafo

Day 6 – Central Region ---------------------------------------------- Aug. 23rd
- Elmina Castle
- Cape Coast Castle
- Drumming & Dancing 


Day 7 – Accra -------------------------------------------------------- Aug. 24th
- Meet w/ Ghana's Precious Minerals Bd. 
- Ghana Investment Promotion Center
- Meet with Govt. Officials for Govt. Contract procurement


Day 8 –Accra --------------------------------------------------------- Aug. 25th

- Reception/ Brunch
- Shopping/ Souvenirs


Day 9 - Accra -------------------------------------------------------- Aug. 26th 



Day 10 – DEPART GHANA ------------------------------------------- Aug. 27th
- Depart GHANA

Arrive U.S. ----------------------------------------------------------- Aug. 27th



***Preliminary Itinerary. Changes will occur as new opportunities present themselves.



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2019 Ghana Emerging Markets (GEM) Tour.    

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